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Thank you for the help. What a wonderful service. You have made updating our wills a very easy process.
Terry, F., Edmonton
A note of sincerest thank-you for your polite, excellent customer service, which we have required twice in two days, of late. Though it was the week-end and we left a voice mail, you surprisingly responded almost immediately. Your site is easy to navigate, directions and options are clear, simple to use, and obviously much less expensive than the cost of a lawyer. In fact, we asked our lawyer about making our will, on your site and he endorsed this. It is gratifying to obtain the product in-hand, the result of our explicit input, so quickly and efficiently. Thank you for providing a much-needed service at a reasonable cost. We plan return to update and keep current our documents. Thanks and sincerely,
Jill Conroy
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Welcome to FormalWill.ca
FormalWill.ca is Canada's leader in online Legal Wills and is operated by FormalWill Inc. - a federally incorporated Canadian corporation. FormalWill.ca was founded by a Canadian lawyer as a create-your-own Legal Will site that caters to those wishing to create an inexpensive legally-binding  Canadian Will in minutes from the comfort of their own home or office. Our  Legal Wills are custom tailored to each province and territory in Canada and we have served thousands of satisfied customers across Canada.  You can try us out by registering (it's easy, it takes seconds and all you need is an email address). Simply click "Get Started Now" to the left and go through our proprietary questionnaire. Once you are fully satisfied at the end, you can choose to proceed to the payment stage. When you create your Will using our proprietary and easy-to-use system, your Canadian Will includes:

  • A clause revoking former Wills and testaments
  • Specification of your city/town and province of jurisdiction
  • Appointing an executor or person who will carry out the terms of your Will
  • Appointing alternate executor(s)
  • Specifying detailed duties and powers for your executor or person carrying out the terms of your Will
  • Leaving specific gifts to specific individuals such as:
  • Specific amount of money
  • Car
  • Jewellery
  • Household items
  • Stocks/Bonds
  • Shares in private companies
  • Primary Residence
  • Secondary Residence (i.e. cottage)
  • Other specific assets
  • Leaving the residual estate to specified individuals
  • Trust provisions allowing you to choose an age that minor children are entitled to receive their share of the estate
  • Clause allowing your executor to make income tax decisions in the best interests of your estate
  • Charity clause allowing you to leave specified gifts to a charitable organization
  • Guardian clause allowing you to appoint a person to take care of a child who is a minor
  • Clauses allowing the appointment of alternate guardian(s) to take care of a child who is a minor
  • A detailed instruction letter on signing your Will with witnesses
If your situation is relatively straight-forward or you do not have the time or money to meet with a lawyer, FormalWill.ca is right for you.  We also offer Power of Attorney documents  (dealing with your financial affairs while you are alive) and Living Wills (also known as Health Care Directives which deal with health care matters while you are alive but unable to communicate your wishes).  These documents are custom-tailored and instantly produced in accordance with the specific requirements of your province/territory. 
Why Us?
  • System developed in consultation with Canadian lawyers
  • User-friendly online service utilizing advanced technology
  • Save legal fees
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Your document is instantly created online and a back-up copy emailed to you
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