Living Will

Legendary radio host of American Top 40, Casey Kasem, passed away this past Father’s Day at the age of 82. Kasem suffered from both Parkinson’s and dementia and was taken off of life support at the behest of his children, who were following their father’s wishes.

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You can also read about the tragic death of Martha Stewart’s late sister and her Living Will. If you have never reflected about the importance of having Living Will done, this article can give you pause for thought:  Read More Here.


Remember the Rich Kids of Instagram controversy? Just as the name implies, the children of the rich and famous ruffled a few feathers a few years back when they posted photos of their lavish lifestyle all over the social media site.

English musician, Sting, however, is ensuring that his kids develop a healthy work ethic. He opened up in a candid interview about his plans for his children in the article below:

Sting’s “Trust Fund”

Following along in Sting’s footsteps is the late Philip Seymour Hoffman; read about what was left in his Will for his children in the following article:  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Estate.